CarCrashCameras.com was launched after one of its founders was the victim of a “crash for cash” scam. With no way of proving who was a fault the insurance companies will usually go 50/50 and this will result in an excess payment and a loss of no claims bonus for the innocent driver. We decided this simple technology should be more readily available from an informative and simple to use website.

CarCrashCameras.com is here to offer the best dash-board cameras on the market. We know the poor quality, cheaper cameras do not film in high quality. What’s more some aren’t even good enough to capture a number plate. This is useless when it comes to proving fault in the event of an accident. The cameras we supply have all been tested not only by ourselves but also several well-known insurance companies. We honestly think these are the best on the market for both performance and value for money.

We like to know what our customers think and that is why we have a forum. It is a great place to discuss our products and tell others what you think of them. It is also great for us because we can hear about any tips, new products or even problems so we can further improve our service.

If you have any questions about our products then please do not hesitate to contact us.